Winter Creek

I have lived within fifteen minutes of this creek for seventeen years and only "discovered" it on a bike ride late last summer.  I was looking for a new long ride and mapped out a route that took me down Swamp Creek Road alongside the Unami Creek.  I wasn't expecting much, just a different ride to change things up.  It turned out to be a beautiful ride along the creek, with large boulders, heavy woods, and cascades alternating with slow moving pools.

I immediately thought this would be a good location to come back, explore a little, and maybe I'd create some good photographs.  I brought my daughters along a couple weeks later in early fall and we explored the area, hiked a bit, and found a deserted boy scout camp in the woods along the creek.  And while I took a few pictures, it was really just practice.

Last weekend, we had a 60 degree rainy day after a week of extreme cold.  I thought there might be some interesting photographs to make and ended up with these three as my favorite.

I've never been a big fan of doing the same drive or bike ride or walk all the time.  I can't stand "out and back" walks or rides.  So if you want to see something new, take a different turn or take a new route completely.  And do it sooner than every seventeen years!

Brian ReitenauerComment