My Favorite Place...

Is there a favorite place you have?  A place that no matter how often you go back, it just feels right?  Is it the beach?  Is it some place in the mountains?  Is it far away or close to home?  For me, that place is Ricketts Glen State Park.  I have been going there once or twice a year for many years.  I get excited during the drive, and once I get out of the car, it just feels right.  The look, the sounds, the light, even the smell.  There is just something about the place that appeals to me and makes me feel at home.  I literally spend an entire day there every time I go.  

Ricketts Glen is about thirty minutes north of Bloomsburg PA.  I spent the day there a couple weeks ago in early October hoping to make some nice photographs as the seasons turned.  I was not disappointed.

What's ironic, is that while it is my favorite place and I have gone there many times, I have not yet published a photo gallery from Ricketts Glen.  I have posted a few photographs - several I really like.  But I have not yet published a full gallery.  After every trip I am super excited about the photographs I have taken.  And then I get home and start viewing them and usually I am let down.  Somehow I have not been able to capture this place to my satisfaction - maybe I never will.

One other interesting point - it is the scene of my worst photographic accident.  On one trip I was in the parking lot setting up my camera equipment.  I put the camera on the tripod and started getting other things ready.  I moved the tripod ever so slightly and a very expensive camera and lens fell off the tripod onto the asphalt parking lot!  It snapped the lens right off the camera - a complete loss for the lens.  Needless to say, it put a damper on that trip!

For any of you who live close enough and have not visited Ricketts Glen - I couldn't recommend it more.  And I hope this post inspires you to think about your favorite place and go make a visit.  Spend a day there and enjoy!

Brian ReitenauerComment