Waiting for Spring!

It's another cloudy, windy Sunday with the temperature in the low 40's and the threat of snow in the coming week.  It sounds like I could be writing this in late February - but it's late March!  And like everyone else, I just can't take this winter anymore - I am definitely ready for spring!  I decided to look through some spring photos from a couple years ago that I haven't published.  I thought I would find lots of photos taken in late March of early flowers, budding trees, and fields of light green grass.  And while I found lots of those photos, I discovered they were taken in late April and early May.  So maybe it's my impatience with this freezing cold winter and maybe spring will be here soon enough.  I hope so!

Enjoy these photographs and by the time I make my next monthly post, I certainly hope we'll be seeing scenes like this in real life!

Brian ReitenauerComment