Spring Is Here !!

Thirty days ago I was complaining and whining that Spring would never arrive.  I am very happy to say I was wrong - Spring is here!!

And what flower is more symbolic of early spring than the daffodil?  I spent a couple hours Saturday morning photographing a field of daffodils.  There is a farm about ten minutes from my home town.  A couple years ago, we happened to drive by just as the daffodils were blooming and I've been meaning to go back ever since.  The entire front yard area of the farm is filled with daffodils - some yellow, some yellow and white, and these beautiful orange and white ones.  Finally this weekend, I was able to take some time and go back and photograph.  I left my house at 6am to get there for the good early light and before the wind started kicking up.

I'm always amazed at how fast time goes by when I get lost in photographing something that interests me.  Most of you know I have very little patience.  And if I told anyone who knows me that I spent two hours photographing these flowers in this one area, they wouldn't believe it.  Yet it is true and this happens frequently when I am photographing.  It's one of the reasons my daughters always ask if I am taking my camera when I say "Let's go hiking!".  They know there is a chance we might get stuck in one area for a long time.

Enjoy these pictures of Spring… because Spring is finally here!  

Brian ReitenauerComment