Published In LensWork !



I wanted to share some exciting news that my Amusement Park portfolio was published in LensWork Magazine.  LensWork is a black & white photography magazine published six times a year.  Where many photography magazines focus on camera gear, LensWork focuses on images and the creative process of photography.

Each issue features five photographic portfolios of about 10-15 images each.  The Amusement Park portfolio was published in LensWork #112 and includes 14 of my photographs.  The online version includes 35 photographs and an audio interview.  This is the first time I had a portfolio of photographs published and I was pretty excited when I received the notification.

The interesting part of this entire process is the reminder that people respond to photographs in different ways.  I submitted the 25 images that are on my website plus another 15 images I consider to be good, but not quite as good.  Three of the "not as good" images were published in the magazine and three of my absolute favorites on the website were not published!

No matter what, this was an exciting process having the portfolio selected, writing and editing the project statement, and conducting the audio interview with the editor, Brooks Jensen, for the online version.  Definitely a photography highlight for me!