Winter Creek Revisited

It is definitely winter!  I decided to spend a few hours walking along what has become a local favorite place of mine - the Unami Creek.  I first discovered this location about eighteen months ago on a bike ride and wrote about it in this blog post.  When I have a small window of time to photograph, it's a good place to be.

I went with the intention of working on a new project or theme I want to explore called "Looking Closely".  I've become a little tired of the National Park photographs (even though I love going there and will continue) and I have been questioning my photography.  Aside from the enjoyment I get, why do I photograph and why do I share the images?  I've been thinking about this for some time and I have decided I photograph to see more deeply - to see things I otherwise would not have seen.  And to share that with family, friends, and anyone else who may be interested.  The act of photographing slows me down and I notice and see things that I would miss at my normal pace.  I'm hoping that "Looking Closely" will be a good project that demonstrates why I photograph.

The images in this blog post are ice patterns of course.  And 99% of the people who drive along Swamp Creek Road looking at the Unami Creek don't see this.  They may see a frozen creek - but they don't really "see" a frozen creek.  Unless they stop the car, get out, and spend some time Looking Closely.  This kind of art in nature is all around us - if we allow ourselves to slow down and if we allow ourselves to really see it.  It's my hope that these photographs and this blog help you all see more than you normally would as well.  Look Closely!

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