Autumn Waters

I just can't help it.  I really enjoy photographing water - and I especially like photographing water in motion.  I spent a weekend in October doing some hiking and photographing in the Pocono Mountains of PA.  I timed the color almost perfectly in the Poconos.  

After a day of hiking I stopped by a stream and waterfalls in Childs Park - part of the Delaware Water Gap area.  It was late in the day but the colors were great, so I decided to come back the next day and get there earlier so I would have more time. My plan was to start in the park and hike upstream and see where it led me.  I never got out of the park.  In fact, I spent about five hours in a section of stream that was probably not more than 100 yards long.  I must have been a good sight too - black rubber wading boots up to an inch below my knees and shorts down to an inch above my knees.

Normally when I photograph water, I include some anchor point, like a rock or leaves.  In many of the photographs that day, I went for a more abstract look and eliminated any anchor point.  And when I took the photographs above, I had in mind the idea of combining three images together with different patterns and a similar color palette.

I didn't expect much from the fall colors this year since it was so dry during the summer.  But I found lots of color, went hiking and photographing five days during the month of October at places like Ricketts Glen, The Poconos, Hawk Mountain, and the Unami Creek - and loved every minute of it.  I have a few more photographs I may share in a final autumn blog post.  

Brian ReitenauerComment