December? El Nino!

The photograph above is from my "Second Annual December Hawk Mountain Hike".  Yes, I know it's a young tradition, but everything has to start somewhere.  Hard to believe this image was taken on a December day - not a snowflake in sight in the air or on the ground.  Compare this to the lead image in the blog entry from a year ago in exactly the same place - the North Lookout of Hawk Mountain!

If you are reading this in the Northeastern part of the US, you know by now that we are in the middle of a strong El Nino.  We've worn shorts in November and December, we've cut the grass in December, and we haven't stopped cooking on the grill or bicycling.  I say bring on El Nino every year!

I grew up about fifteen minutes from Hawk Mountain and over the last five years it has become one of my favorite places to visit, hike, and photograph.  I visit in all seasons of the year and each time it looks different.  The light on the skyline trail in winter with no leaves on the trees is completely different than in spring.  I have a Hawk Mountain Gallery of images posted and will add to it over the coming months and years.  Have a look at the gallery and enjoy some images from all seasons on Hawk Mountain.

This also marks exactly two years of my website and blogging.  Twenty four months without missing a single one.  Some months it gets close to feeling like "work" as the deadline approaches.  But it has caused me to photograph more regularly rather than just occasional trips to far off places.  

I hope you have enjoyed the two years and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

And here is a little extra bit of information. ..

Hawk Mountain recently conducted a photography contest and I thought I would enter just for the fun of it.  Turns out, the image at right won first pace in the Scenics category.

It is shown on their Facebook page and will be printed along with the other winning photographs and hung in a small exhibit at the Hawk Mountain Visitor Center starting late January!

Link to entire Hawk Mountain Gallery here.



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