Winter's Parting Shot

I know I usually limit myself to one blog post per month, but I couldn't resist posting an image that I hope is Winter's parting shot.  This isn't from the most recent storm - this image is from the smaller storm last weekend.  It was snowing all morning - the kind of snow that just falls straight down - no wind at all.  We took our time getting ready to go out for a winter hike in no big hurry. By the time we got in the car and finally started driving, I could tell it was changing.  The snow was starting to turn into sleet and eventually rain.  We saw this barn and thinking it might be the only snow picture that day, we parked across the street and ran to take a few quick photos.

I did some heavy processing on it to give it a stylized look.  It won't win any awards, but it's a very pleasant image of winter in Eastern Pennsylvania.  And hopefully the last winter image this season!  It will also be a reminder to me that when you see great photo conditions - hurry, they won't last forever.