In early May I made a return visit to Ricketts Glen.  As I wrote in an earlier blog post, this is my favorite place in Pennsylvania.  I hike and photograph at Ricketts Glen about three times a year and have been going there for many years.

This is one of the few times I visited on a sunny day.  Photographing waterfalls in a deep forested setting is usually best done on overcast days.  Because of my schedule, I only had this day open and it was a 72 degree sunny day in early May - what a bummer!  ;)

I had resolved not to take a photograph of moving, flowing water since my friend Bill thinks I have too many of those!  But as I was hiking down the Falls Trail I came to a complete stop when I saw this saturated red/brown branch in the flowing water.  I thought the best way to show this would be with the flowing water around the branch and in reality, that's how I saw it when I was standing there.  I stood still for a few minutes and just watched the patterns the water made around the branch.  The sun gave the water a lightness and shadow that you don't get on cloudy days.

Two lessons on this beautiful early spring day in the mountains...  1) Change things up to see something new, and 2) don't listen to Bill.  ;)