Late Summer

Summer officially ended about a week ago.  And while it was a long great summer, I really didn't want to see it end.  We didn't travel to far off locations, we didn't even take a family vacation.  But it was a very special summer.  Both our daughters graduated - one from college and one from high school.  While Gina was preparing for college, Amy was studying for the CPA and preparing for work.  We spent a lot of time together, practically lived and ate every meal outside on the deck, and just enjoyed the slow pace of summer as it unfolded for us.

The image above reminds me of the summer that just ended.  It's a simple photograph;  it was a simple summer.  It's a photograph that I enjoy viewing and makes me feel calm; it was a summer that I enjoy viewing in my memory and makes me content.  

Ironically enough, I took the image above on our first weekend as "empty-nesters".  My roommate from college came to visit and it was a throwback to thirty years ago when Rich, Marilyn, and I had just graduated from college and we would embark on weekend adventures.

It was a great summer - and I hope you all had as nice a summer as we had !


Brian ReitenauerComment