Ancient Symbols

The sunset this day was magnificent - there was just the right mix of sun and clouds to make the sky look incredible - far better than the last couple afternoons when a stubborn layer of flat clouds blocked out all interesting light. The sun was bathing everything in the warm golden light of early autumn.

Yet, I couldn’t help staring down - down at the water. More specifically the reflections of broken trees and clouds in the water. They appeared to me as ancient symbols or writings - but only when viewed from the perfect angle. At first glance - it’s just a big lake with a lot of tree stumps sticking out of the water. But after a while, in a couple places, the message seemed to snap into place. The clouds and trees and shadows arranged themselves into something that looked like a set of symbols from a time long ago.

This is another image from my explorations of The Pinelands in NJ. You may be seeing a lot of photographs from this place in the coming months - I really enjoy the marsh, wetlands, trees and water that make up this National Reserve. I have a couple more I really want to share, but I need to pace myself! I don’t want to get placed on your spam lists!

Brian ReitenauerComment