A Walk In The Wetlands

I’ve always been fascinated by the wetlands - the area where land is slowly and gradually giving way to the sea. It’s not like the great cliffs in Acadia or on the west coast in Big Sur - those are much more dramatic. In fact, it is said there is no greater meeting of land and sea than Big Sur. But I would argue there is equal beauty in this more gradual transition - where the land gently gives way, over great distances, to the sea. You get an incredible mixture of field, marsh, and water. Add in the dramatic sky of a beautiful sunrise and it is irresistible.

This is what greeted me on my first trip to the Forysthe NWR along the southern NJ coast. I left home at 4am to travel there for sunrise. I was concerned that the clouds from the previous night’s clearing storm would obscure the sunrise too much - I should not have worried - it was perfect. The rapidly changing clouds created endless light patterns on the landscape and it was all I could do to keep up.

This area is also very well known for two other things - migrating waterfowl and biting green flies! I could not go more than ten seconds without swatting one of those darn things off me - the biting flies, not the waterfowl!

This area is also part of the PineLands National Preserve that I have been exploring as well. Here is a link to a short photo story with nine images of The Wetlands. Enjoy this Walk in the Wetlands with me. and see what greeted me that wonderful morning.

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