Five Years!

Five years ago on December 4th, I wrote my first blog post on this (no longer) new photo website. I used to display my photos on Pbase and I would send out an occasional e-mail about three times a year when I published a new gallery of images from a far away location. With the blog, I wanted to do something that would allow me to share photos more often - and push me to photograph more often. In true “type-A” fashion, I only missed one month in the last five years - and that was almost on purpose to ease the pressure.

In the last five years I have continued my trips to National Parks. But I have done more photography on an ongoing basis close to home. And that is the most rewarding photography to me. I love the traveling and seeing new places - that won’t stop. But I really enjoy finding the extraordinary in ordinary places.

And so what better way to celebrate five years of “seeing” than a new image from Ricketts Glen - one of my absolute favorite places. It’s close to home. It’s somewhat ordinary - it’s not National Park status. And yet it’s also extraordinary, every time I spend a day there wandering through the glen. I have been to Ricketts Glen two to three times a year every year for a long time. And yet, every time I go, I see something new.

Join me for the next five years as I try to see and share the extraordinary in the ordinary world around us.

Brian ReitenauerComment