Winter Morning Light

Continuing from last month's blog post is another image about snow.  Because, what else have we had in late February and March but snow and more snow!  While I was wandering around that snowy winter morning, I was very aware of how the colors changed as the sun rose, and then climbed higher in the sky.  When I completed the work on a small set of images from that morning, it told a story of the changing colors of a snowy winter morning.

Snowy winter mornings are all about shades of white, blue and gold.  Aside from the pre-sunrise image showing the pink sky, all of the images are combinations of white, blue and gold.  The early photos are all blue.  And as the sun breaks the horizon, the first golden color enters the pictures, and it becomes a tug-of-war between the reflected blue light of the sky and the direct golden light of sunrise.  As time passes and the sun rises higher, more and more golden light enters the frame and eventually takes over.  The blue light of dawn on a snowy winter morning is brief, but memorable.  Click on this link to see a short photo story of seven images that show this changing Winter Morning Light.

As I was working on photos taken over the course of this winter, it also became clear to me that there are many "moods" to winter.  Is it the dark, brown tones of late December on a cloudy day? Is it the bright white, blue, and gold of a snowy winter morning?  Or is it the vibrant orange-brown of last year's hickory and oak leaves that refused to fall - clinging to random trees, defying understanding.  It's all of those, but that is a subject for future photo story - hopefully a long time from now!

Next month - a beautiful GREEN photo of SPRING!  (I hope!)


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