Floating Clouds

I was hiking at White’s Bog in the Pinelands on a breezy, early spring Sunday and I suddenly stopped in my tracks.  Bright white clouds racing against a blue spring sky grabbed my attention as they reflected off the still bog water. I had to work quickly since the clouds were moving and changing shape every ten seconds. 

I shot image after image - each one different than the one ten seconds ago, each one a unique natural composition.  Sometimes the water was rippling in the wind, sometimes the clouds were just randomly placed.

It all came together as the clouds formed a circle and floated on the bog water toward some branches and lily pads and into the frame of my camera.

Had I walked by five minutes earlier or five minutes later I might never have stopped.  Most of the sky was clear this spring day and I would simply have seen some sticks poking out of reflected blue water.  But I happened to be there at just the right time - when a small group of clouds put on a show that captured the feeling and lightness of an early spring day in the Pinelands.

Spring has finally arrived!!

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Brian ReitenauerComment