A Sedona Sunset

I was in Phoenix for business and I decided to add on three days to explore Sedona for the first time. What makes Sedona a great town to visit gave me challenges for photography.  The town, full of shops, art galleries and restaurants, is nestled right among the red rock cliff walls.  It was challenging to find views and make images that did not include buildings. But once I figured out the orientation of the town and the surrounding red rock canyons, I spent my time deep in the canyons where a sense of wilderness could find me.

I was treated to an incredible sunrise and an equally beautiful sunset on Doe Mountain. I delighted in an overcast afternoon along Oak Creek Canyon walking among the chaos of a thick grove of leafless sycamore trees. And I spent a long day wandering up and over a high mesa top surrounded by even taller canyons.

By the time the trip was nearing its end I realized I had just scratched the surface of Sedona and will need to visit again (and again) to truly capture its beauty.

You can see a small collection of Sedona images at this gallery on my website...  On Location - Sedona.

I thought I would also add two fun pictures.  On the day I hiked to the top of Doe Mountain for sunrise, five hot air balloons rose into the early morning sky.  They came so close to me on the cliff top that I was talking to the people in the basket!  And second, I rented a red Jeep Wrangler 4x4 for the trip.  I took it on two really rough forest roads that were filled with rocks and mud.  I would definitely do that again!

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My Favorites of 2018

Another year has come and gone - it seems like time is flying by faster than ever.  I hope 2018 was good for everyone and here's wishing everyone a great 2019!  As I have done in each of the last two years, I am publishing a page of my favorite images from 2018.  Check them out at the link below.

Link to Favorite Images of 2018.

The image that headlines this post is from the Pinelands of New Jersey and it couldn't be more appropriate.  2018 was the "Year of The Pinelands!"  I discovered The Pinelands early in 2018 and went there many times.  Marilyn and I drove our new Jeep Trailhawk through the sand roads and forests.  Rich and I did a six hour kayak trip down the Mullica River.  And Marilyn and I joined the locals for the Cranberry Festival in Chatsworth in the Fall!  :)  Almost half of the images on my favorites page are from The Pinelands!

I didn't do a big National Park photo trip this year due to some changes in plans.  But I revisited some old favorites like Hawk Mountain and Ricketts Glen and was not disappointed.  Six of my favorite images of the year are from these two places that hold special appeal for me.  It shows that even after multiple trips a year for many years, you can always see something new and different.

I told four stories this year.  I like the idea of short "photo stories" where a series of four or six or nine images share what some thing or some place looked and felt like.  I told a story of Winter Morning Light and what the snow looks like before the wind and melting erases it's beauty.  I told a story of walking one magnificent sunrise morning in The Wetlands of the NJ coast.  I shared the quiet beauty of the The Meadow on a late summer afternoon as the light constantly changed - still one of my all-time favorites.  And I led you all on a sunrise walk among the oaks on A California Hillside.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Pulling these images together was a nice reminder of the year and it's a good way to look at the trends in my photography - and to learn from them.  Whether I get two or eight or twenty favorites, I I enjoy photography, it helps me see the world around me, and I love being outdoors!

Happy New Year!

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