Rock, Earth, Water, Ice, Air… basic elements of the world we live in.  I have long been interested in the color, shape, form, and texture that you see in these basic elements of the planet - but only if you look closely.  This is an early stage project that I can see myself adding to over time.



Rock is the fundamental building block of our planet.  It is the very foundation that we walk on, build on and do everything.  We take it for granted and we think we understand it.  Rocks are dull, brown, and dark - aren't they?  In areas where they are exposed, we see a different story - if you look closely.  And different parts of our world show different colors in the rock.  There is a world of color and shape in the bedrock of our planet.

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Ok, so it's not a fundamental building block of our planet like rock or air or fire or water.  But, trees are so fundamental to the well being of the planet that they should be considered an element.  And like the rocks above, they too are not truly seen.  Ask a child to draw a tree and you will see green leaves and a brown trunk.  Who is misleading our children - the trunks are more than just brown.  There is also a multitude of shape, color and form in the tree trunks all around us.  And each one explains a little about the character and life of the tree.