Folios are a cross between a book and a portfolio. Like a book, folios contain several pages, several images — and even text or text signatures. Unlike a book, they are not bound, but rather are individual sheets and images. Each sheet, each image, can be handheld and viewed as a single print.  Yet the collection of images in every folio is built around a central theme. 

Each folio contains original artwork and images like a portfolio, but they are not matted.  Each Folio is a collection of about thirteen fine art archival prints on 8.5 x 11 paper.  All prints are contained in a hand-crafted linen paper enclosure with an image title shown on the front.  The prints can be kept in the folio or they can be framed individually.  The folio concept was originally introduced by Brooks Jensen of LensWork and has been used to present a set of related fine art prints intended for handheld viewing.


Each Folio is $95.  To see the Folios available, click on the images below.

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All photographs are original works.  These Folios are made using archival inks on archival fine art paper.

$95 per Folio.

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