I wandered around Green Lane during two snowfalls and they couldn’t have been more different. I raced out one Saturday morning just as the snow started falling on the first snow of the year. The gentle dusting of white on the trees is fleeting - it may only last for the first thirty minutes before the snow accumulates in greater amounts. It is during this first thirty minutes that you see a unique landscape that is gently covered in fine white powder. More images of this unique morning can be seen here at The First Snowfall. The second winter visit to Green Lane was a month or two later after the snow had fallen overnight. I got there before sunrise - before the snow could be disturbed by any wind. And I watched the colors of the landscape go from a cold blue to a warm yellow as the sun rose. More images of this changing light can be seen here at Winter Morning Light.

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All photographs are original works.  These Folios are made using archival inks on archival fine art paper.

$95 per Folio.

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