The King Frost Parade is a Halloween parade held for fifty years in my hometown of Hamburg, PA.  When we were kids, the parade seemed huge - it felt like was at least four hours long, with more than thirty high school bands, lots of floats like the "Haunted Hauler", decorated trucks and cars, and the Reading Motorcycle Drill Team.  At least that is how we remember it.  Today, it's a lot smaller, but still an important part of autumn in Hamburg.  For the last few years I have spent a couple hours leading up to the parade photographing the scenes as the town prepares for the parade.

By the time the parade starts, there are a couple thousand people lining the streets, the kids are excited, and people line up for the hot soup, cheese steaks, pizza, and french fries.  But in the hours leading up to the parade - as the vendors set up their trucks and the people reserve their spots, - the town looks quiet, almost deserted, in the harsh late October sunlight.  

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