This is a semi-private page for sharing photos with Rich Largman.  Thought this would make it easy to share photos with you now and going forward - for any of those advance peeks you sometimes get.





Photographs from June 2016 weekend Hike


It turns out the best image of the tree in the field was the one we took after our hike at Hawk Mountain.  While the clouds in the photos from earlier in the day were interesting, they competed too much with the tree.  It made the photo too busy, too active.  This one is much more serene.  And, because it was late day sunlight, the colors in the field near the tree are much better.  I even went back today and took some more.  Nothing beats late afternoon light.  Light matters!




I liked two images from the hike in Hawk Mountain.  In fact, I like both of them enough to add them to the Hawk Mountain gallery.  This first one is that big spreading tree on top of the Skyline Trail as we walked along the ridge top.  This was taken with that new wide angle lens and I think the depth that the wide angle creates makes the difference.  I also like the quality of the light coming through the trees and how it hits the rocks.  Again, light matters!




Almost near the end of our hike is where I got the other "keeper".  Again this was taken with the wide angle lens exaggerating the rock in the foreground.  The lens flair was accidental at first.  As I was framing it up, I saw the flair come in and decided I liked it.  It almost points your eye to the rock of interest.




And a Little Extra


I went out for a little today, looking for more gold fields.  Found this one in an area that I had visited in the spring.  Love the rolling hills in this area north of Allentown as you get close to the mountains.  Again, I used the little Fuji camera with he very wide angle lens.  Really plays off the leading lines of the tracks in the field.  In this case, the clouds help!



Two Black & White

And finally, two black and white photos for you.  The first one is that tree that I thought you might find interesting.  The only problem is I'm not sure it would go well with the other one you have.  The one you have has a deep black sky and this one doesn't due to light clouds.  And then look how dramatic the black & white version is of the field from above.  Even though the gold field drew me in, I think I like the B&W one better.