IMAGES TO LIVE WITH… Not Ready For Publishing

This is a hidden working print page where I display photos to live with them for awhile. Lots of times photos I think are really good early on, lose their “goodness” as time goes on. So this is an electronic equivalent of pinning work prints up on the wall, looking at them, living with them for a short time and seeing if they have staying power. If they do, I release them into the world!

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A Foggy Spring Morning On Hawk Mountain

I kept checking the “cloud ceiling forecast” to see when the fog conditions would line up with a day off from work. Finally, I had my chance… the website said the cloud ceiling would be 600 feet early Saturday morning - until about 11am. Knowing that the Hawk Mountain trails top out at 1500 feet, I knew I would have the conditions I wanted - as long as I got there early enough. I arrived at 7:15 and had the place to myself for a couple hours of solitude hiking and photo making.


Extras From Hawk Mountain



Possible Images for Unami Gallery



Ricketts Glen 2018

This is a selection of the best images from several trips to Ricketts Glen this year.