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This is a collection of some recent images I have made.  Some of them may get added to an existing gallery or they may be the start of a new project.  Some of them may make it into a blog post.  The raindrop is from several years ago at Olympic National Park. While cleaning up some old files, I stumbled across it and just loved it! The sunset is at Whites Bog in my continuing adventures in The Pinelands. The Valley of Light is from a recent wine country vacation. And I am also catching up on some summer images from Ricketts Glen.



It’s winter so I thought I would share this image from a couple years ago. Amy, Gina and I were going for a hike on a snowy Saturday morning. Big flakes were coming down and rapidly covering everything. As were were driving to Evansburg State Park, we saw this barn. I just had to stop! I parked the car, ran over to where I could get the view and composition I wanted and made a couple images just as the big flakes started to end. It was definitely a case of being at the right place at the right time!