Hawk Mountain is about ten minutes away from my hometown of Hamburg, PA and is a world class sanctuary for hawks, eagles, and other birds of prey.  On autumn weekends if the weather conditions are right, you can see hundreds of hawks and other raptors circling and riding the wind thermals at the intersection of the mountain ridges.  But there is more to Hawk Mountain than birds of prey - it is an amazing landscape of beauty under different light and weather conditions.  I never cease to find something new each time I visit.

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Most Recent Hawk Mountain Images

The images below are the most recent images added to this ongoing portfolio.  Every time I go to Hawk Mountain I seem to find something new.  It may be a new location, or just different light, or just a different angle, or maybe different weather.  But it all comes together and allows me to add additional images to this growing portfolio.


Hawk Mountain Collection One


Hawk Mountain Collection Two