Ricketts Glen State Park is my favorite place in Pennsylvania.  It has old growth trees, beautiful autumn color and great rock formations.  But the star of this show is the water and the 25+ named waterfalls that are formed as Kitchens Creek tumbles over shale outcroppings from Lake Jean down to the lower elevations.   I have visited this place multiple times a year for many years in all seasons and it is always different.  There is so much to see and enjoy - colors reflecting in the moving water, orange and yellow leaves covering the autumn trail, or water gently dripping over closeups of moss-covered rocks.  Spring comes later to Ricketts Glen and Autumn comes a bit earlier because of the elevation - so choose any time other than winter and enjoy!

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Most Recent Ricketts Glen Images

The images below are the most recent images added to this ongoing portfolio.  Ricketts Glen is one of my favorite places and I truly believe the portfolio will never be finished.  I will continue to see it in new ways and add new images hopefully every time I visit.


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