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The Meadow at Longwood Gardens is a special place for my sister.  So I thought I would tag along for a visit one recent afternoon.  I've been to Longwood Gardens before and really like the place.  But I wouldn't do "meaningful photography" there - after all, it's a "flower zoo".  Ahh, but the meadow is different.  It's a wild place in it's natural state - full of colorful grasses, wildflowers, and insects.  There are so many shapes and colors - and it all changes as the light changes.  You see the soft blue-greens that come from cloud cover and shade become transformed into the yellow-greens from the shining sun.  I can imagine this place changes every day too, as the seasons progress.  I can't wait to visit again as autumn approaches. 

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A short Photo Story from August 2018, by Brian Reitenauer.