I discovered the NJ Pinelands earlier this year (2018). Ok, they were discovered hundreds of years ago and long before my time. But I found out about them and started exploring them earlier this year. I was immediately hooked - what a stunning area of wilderness right within the most populated area of our country. The Pinelands have been set aside as a National Preserve and they are worth protecting. It is a combination of pines, hardwood trees, sand, marsh, rivers, and wetlands that are incredible to see. I have been hiking and photographing in the Pinelands many times now. Marilyn and I spent an afternoon driving through the sand roads in our new Jeep Trailhawk and we had a great lunch by the river. Rich and I did a six hour kayak down the Batsto River. I plan to go back many more times.

I also have a short photo essay entitled A Walk in the Wetlands which is a small collection of images from a single morning at the Forsythe NWR which is part of the Pinelands.

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Most Recent Pinelands Images

The images below are the most recent images added to my Pinelands portfolio.  The Pinelands have very quickly become one of my favorite places. Just like my other favorite places, every time I go there I seem to find something new.  It may be a new location, or just different light, or just a different angle, or maybe different weather.  But it all comes together and allows me to add additional images to this growing portfolio.


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