The Unami Creek won't show up on any map or any list of State Parks or National Parks.  It's just a quiet stream tucked away along Swamp Creek Road in southeastern PA.  So why exactly does Swamp Creek Road follow along the meandering Unami Creek?  It's because the Unami was formerly known as Swamp Creek.  The Unami Creek is now named after the Unami people who were early inhabitants of the land in this area.  The Unami begins in Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County just northwest of the Bucks County border and west of Zionhill, crosses Milford Township and Marlborough Township, and joins Perkiomen Creek near Perkiomenville.

I discovered the Unami Creek by accident.  One summer day I was looking for a new bike route and mapped out a long ride that took me along Swamp Creek Road.  I had lived in this area of PA for 15+ years before ever seeing Swamp Creek Road.  And that is a shame, because from the very first twenty minutes of riding along the Unami Creek I knew it was something special.  In the years since that first ride, I have been there many times in all seasons.  We've hiked the stream and surrounding areas, we've had lunch on a rock on the stream, we've brought a blanket and read books while sitting on a rock in the stream. It’s a great place to spend time. 


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