This is an old family owned and family run amusement park in Pennsylvania.  It is not abandoned - it is still in operation today.  But it couldn't be further, in distance or atmosphere, from the big company parks of today.  It is set in a rural location, far from any major metropolitan area.  It sits among rolling hills and fields and underneath tall mature trees.  A creek runs through the middle of the park with rickety bridges going across in several locations.  There is no fence keeping everyone out since you can pay per ride - the way it was done thirty years ago.  I spent several days over the course of a couple years photographing during the off season.  And while the rides look old, there is definitely pride in the park and the work they do each off season to get it ready for the families in the summer.

A selection of images from this portfolio was published in LensWork Magazine (LensWork #112, May/June 2014).  See related Blog Entry.

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