Spring Water

When I left my house in the morning, it was the height of Spring.  Tulips of every variety replaced the daffodils which had already faded away.  And the magnolia, plum, and pear trees gave up the spring blooming responsibility to the dogwoods and flowering crab apples.  There was color everywhere!  Bright green new leaves were on many of the trees where only two weeks ago white and pink blooms caught your eye.  And the forecast called for bright clouds - a perfect day to photograph the waterfalls amid the fresh green and blooming color of Spring at Ricketts Glen.

There was only one problem - Spring had not yet reached Ricketts Glen!  I knew there was a small difference in temperature, weather, and seasons between my home and Ricketts Glen.  But when I got there, it looked like I had stepped back three to four weeks in time - maybe more.  There was no hint of green on the tall hardwood trees and the dominant color was the brown of last season's leaves - accented by the light grey of the water reflecting the bright cloudy sky coming easily through the forest canopy.

I did see a few early flowering shrubs, but I could count them on two hands.  So, it was time to focus on rocks and water again (sorry Bill G!).  And I guess you'll know where I'll be three to four weeks from now and what the May Blog post might be!

Happy Spring!

Brian ReitenauerComment