This is what late spring looks like after weeks of sometimes warm, endlessly overcast, and often rainy weather.  The eastern forest is a wet, deep green color punctuated by white blooms.  I've always liked the way dogwood trees look in the wild - odd shaped splotches of white among the deep green leaves of the forest.  This year, the dogwoods appeared especially vibrant - the white ones in the wild along with the white and pink trees found in suburban landscapes.

Have you noticed the distinctive look of the flowers on the dogwood tree - especially when they first bud out?  All the flowers seem to sit on top of the branches.  The flowers are like small cups opening upward from the branches below.  It seems orderly compared to the haphazard blooms on other spring trees.

I noticed this small section of woods while Marilyn and I were on our way to dinner one night.  We've driven by it a hundred times or more.  But this time the light was dim, everything was a wet deep green - except for the white that jumped out and caught our eye.  I went back the next morning, and wandered around in a light drizzle in this small section of woods, hoping to capture the feeling of dogwoods in spring!