Olympic NP Day 1 - Sunrise

Some of you know that I am at Olympic National Park in Washington for a four day photography and hiking trip.  I've been looking forward to the trip for awhile now and Rich and I have just had a very full first day.  

The weather forecast for Day 1 was the worst of the four days - cloudy and a couple showers.  After some whining we decided to get up at 4am anyway and drive to the top of Hurricane Ridge for sunrise photography.  Sunrise isn't so great on a cloudy day, but we were rewarded with an incredibly clear morning sky and I photographed the fog rolling over the ridges.

We hiked around some incredible mountains in the morning before our eight mile hike of the day.  During our eight mile hike the weather forecast turned accurate and we got rained on a couple times.  We hiked walked along a 6000 foot ridge top literally in the clouds.  It was eerie.

It was too cloudy for sunset at Hurricane Ridge so we drove down to the coast and spent a little time photographing there.  Tomorrow is Day 2 in the mountains and then we switch it up and spend two days on the coast and in the rain forest.