Olympic NP Day 2 - Variety!

It is the end of Day 2 and I am enjoying a dinner of goldfish crackers and pretzels as I write this blog.  With 17 hours of daylight and the need to be out before sunrise and after sunset, there isn't time for a real dinner.

The weather here changes often, changes quickly, and is hard to predict.  It's been in the fifties and sixties both days but we froze this morning on the top of Hurricane Ridge during sunrise.  It rained on us during our hike in the rainforest (I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that), and it was warm enough to walk in the water along the coast during the evening.

We had a very full day.  We raced up the mountain and saw the full moon set at 5am over the top of snow-capped mountains.  We then photographed the sunrise only to be swallowed in fog so thick you couldn't see.  Then we headed for the rain forest and had perfect conditions - overcast and light drizzle.  The trees were huge and covered in moss and everything was so green.  And finally we went to Ruby Beach which must have been the only place on the Olympic Peninsula where the sun was shining.

The main image at top is from the Hoh Rainforest.  The sunrise photo below is from the top of Hurricane Ridge.  And the beach photo is from Ruby Beach.