Early Spring

My favorite time of year by far is Spring. I love to see the buds forming on the bare branches of the trees. In fact, if you are very observant, you will see the buds forming already in February here in the Northeast. But it is in late March and early April that they burst forth in all kinds of color. In many ways, this burst of Spring color rivals the color we see in Autumn.

The image above was from an early April morning just after sunrise. I was drawn initially by the simplicity of the branches with the pop of the red buds on the ends of the branches. The rising sun and cloudy sky reflected on the water behind this tree and the whole scene just said “early spring” to me.

It is now late April and we are racing through a beautiful Spring. The trees have traded their colorful buds for fresh green leaves while still showing the underlying network of branches. I really love that one to two week period where you get equal part leaves and equal part branches. And as we enter May, the branches will gradually disappear from sight until they outlast the leaves one again.

I hope you are all having a great Spring!

Brian ReitenauerComment